mobil mitsubishi Galant Hiu V6 24 1998

Mobil : .Rp. 86 jt
Location : Jakarta Timur.
Date : 17 May 2011

Mitsubishi Galant Hiu V6 24 1998 Spesifikasi bonus (plus-plus):- HID headlight 6000k, proyektor mulus semua (Sudah diganti)- Sensor mundur 2 titik yang ada display jaraknya, bukan hanya suara dan alarm, tampilan jarak ada di spion dalam, cek gambar dibawah ya gan.- Wood panel- Velg 17", Ban baru semua ke empat-empatnya baru sebulan, Achiless 215/50/17- Plat Nomer full acliric- Plat Nomer cantik 2 Digit. Mitsubishi. Galant Hiu V6 24.1998. Sedan. Rp 86.000.000 Nego. B - Jakarta Timur.1. Rp 1.500.000. Biru.2400. premium. Matic. ipoi. Malang Jatim. Jakarta Timur , Daerah Khu

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Mitsubishi Galant V6 24 1998 Sharks

Price : Rp. 86.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Mitsubishi– 1998.
Seller :Contact : Jakarta Timur..

Mitsubishi Galant V6 24 1998 Specifications Sharks bonus (plus-plus): - 6000k HID headlights, projector smooth all (been replaced) - Sensor 2 points that there are retreat displays its distance, not just the sound and alarms, look at the mirror in the distance there, check yes gan image below .- Wood-panel Velg 17 B & quot;, new tires all the fourth-new fourth month, Achiless 215/50/17- acliric full-Plate Number Plate Number 2 Digits beautiful. Mitsubishi. Shark Galant V6 24.1998. Sedan. USD 19 000 000 Nego. B - Jakarta Timur.1. Rp 1,500,000. Biru.2400. premium. Matic. ipoi. Malang, East Java. East Jakarta, the Regional Khu

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