mobil Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar'006 Akhir Plat R A,&Full Ori

Rp. 97,50 jt
Location : Jawa Tengah.
Date : 2 March 2011

Dijual: Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar Th2006 akhir Plat R A,&Full ori
Tanggal: Hari ini
Condition: Lihat di deskripsi
Harga: Rp. 97.500.000 negotiable
Oleh: alipvijay
Member sejak: 23-12-2009
Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar Th2006 akhir (pajak bln 12), plat R A (purwokerto) dari baru,BPKB tgn ke-1,mobil dalam kota (KM 96.000 an),kondisi : kabin cat masih original(belum ada spet/sulaman),bak baru aja ganti,sasis masih original (masih lurus&ngk ada retak2/las) karena muatan dalam kota dan muatan ngk pernah yg berat2,interior full original,ban ma

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Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar'006 Final Plat RA, & Full Ori

Price : Rp. 97.50 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Jawa Tengah..

For Sale: Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar Th2006 end Plat RA, & Full ori
Date: Today
Condition: See description
Price: Rp. 19 500 000 negotiable
By: alipvijay
Member since: 23-12-2009

Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Solar Th2006 end (tax month 12), plate RA (purwokerto) from new, BPKB TGN to-1, a car in the city (MI 19 000 an), condition: the cabin is still original paint (no spet / embroidery),'ve just replace the bathtub, the chassis is still original (there are still straight & NGK retak2/las ) because the charge in town and had a distinguished berat2 NGK cargo, full original interior, tires ma

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