mobil Mitsubishi - Lancer - 2005

Rp. 138 jt
21Bendi, Location : Pondok Aren.
Date : 25 February 2011

Mobil bagus, mulus, cash atau kredit, harga nego.

Merk : Mitsubishi. Model : Lancer. Jenis Kendaraan: Sedan. Tahun Kendaraan: 2005. Jenis Transmisi: Automatic. Kapasitas Mesin: 1,800 cc. Silinder Mesin: 4. Kilometer: 108,125 Km. Warna: Brown. Tanda Nomor Kendaraan Bermotor: B - 1701 - ZI (Jakarta). Jenis Bahan Bakar: Pertamax. Velg: Racing. AC : Ya. Power Steering: Ya. Jenis Penggerak Roda : 2WD. Audio & Video: Tape  CD  . Tanggal berakhir STNK: 06/11/2015. Kondisi: Bagus.

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Mitsubishi - Lancer - 2005

Price : Rp. 138.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : 21Bendi, Pondok Aren..

Nice car, smooth, cash or credit, price nego.

Brand: Mitsubishi. Model: Lancer. Vehicle Type: Sedan. Vehicle Year: 2005. Transmission Type: Automatic. Engine Capacity: 1.800 cc. Engine Cylinders: 4. Kilometers: 108.125 km. Color: Brown. No sign of Motor Vehicles: B - 1701 - ZI (Jakarta). Fuel Type: Pertamax. Wheels: Racing. AC: Yes. Power Steering: Yes. Wheel Drive Type: 2WD. Audio & Video: Tape CD. Expired vehicle registration date: 06/11/2015. Condition: Good.

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